Tidying Up

Too Much Stuff

Over the years, I have accumulated stuff. Books, clothes, appliances, movies, etc. The list goes on. Recently, we bought a new house! And recently we’ve faced this stuff with newfound ruthlessness to keep only what we love.

The Art of DeCluttering

I have followed FlyLady. I’ve started The Life-Changing Art of Tidying Up book. I’ve watched Clean Sweep, How Clean is Your House and Neat. I’ve given what amounts to truckloads away to charity and second hand shops. And yet, it weighs on my shoulders. I’ve always been a bit messy. My mom used to hire our neighbor a couple of times a year to help me clean my room. I know how to clean and keep a neat house, I just don’t do it sometimes. Like right now. We just got back from a trip and have been too uninspired to cook. The dishes are piling, the stuff from traveling still where we left them when we unpacked, the travel books for upcoming trips stacked up. Why can’t I do it?

Tidy Up

I know this is a simple problem. I know it takes 15 minutes a day, but when I don’t make the time, what then? Back to the book? Back to FlyLady? No. I just need to do it. And I think I know how. It takes scheduling my day. Like all of you, I have a full day every day. It’s how I like to do things. But that also means, I am surrounded by “shiny” that can distract me into hours of searching for airline tickets or dining reservations for our next trip, time that does not need to be spent there if I just structured it a little more.

Back to Paper

I plan to work on keeping my office clean and clutter free. I may have been messy, but a clean space is still key to my productivity. I tend to pile stuff on my desk. My goal for the next week is to keep it clean and clutter free. This may mean purging, packing or storing. I may need a space for the current set of reference materials. That’s all doable. What is not doable is when I cannot get to my keyboard. Below is how I want to keep it. It’s calming. It’s creative. It’s CLEAN!

Day 12

This challenge has changed so much more than my blogging. It’s changed my life. I feel confident in undertaking new projects that will release me from some of my day-to-day work and I’m damn excited about that. Thank you, Natalie Sisson!
My Desk


13 thoughts on “Tidying Up

  1. For a long time I struggled with keeping things orderly, especially on my desk. I put it down to the way my mind worked as I always still knew where things were. Then my wife and I got the de-clutter bug, where we worked out that less is definitely more. Since then, I spend around 10 mins at the start of the day getting my desk organised, and do the same after lunch as well. It makes a huge difference to have everything clean and tidy. Congratulations on getting your space working well for you.

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  2. I used to do just this. I would accumulate so much stuff it would be painful to look at. It is part of the reason I finally, after 15 years, moved my business into its own office space outside of my home. I still struggle with stuff but I have adopted a clean-as-i-go process that is helping. Everything has to have a predetermined place for this process to work.

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  3. Feeling like you are making progress is always a great thing, Lori Ann. I have lots of “stuff” myself, although I see it as all very organized and neat and today stuff. It certainly does take up space though and can start to feel a bit confining if not managed well. The key is to do something manageable when it comes to letting go of clutter and sounds like you are facing your challenges head on and doing it. That is always the key. Do something, even if it is only a step in a forward direction. Keep going and sounds like this challenge has been both eye opening and fruitful for you. Congrats!

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  4. Great reminder! I also have a few things that I always procrastinate like holding laundries…. Rather looking at them getting bigger and bigger, I should take 15 minutes a day to actually do it. Just small steps each day! Thank you for sharing!


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