The Next Adventure Begins

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Wildflower is Born

Today, I went on an adventure to help bring about the beginning of a brand new all-female Shakespeare company called Wildflower Women’s Ensemble. In previous blog posts, I’ve hinted at the creation of this, and now it’s becoming real.

The Work to Do

I knew that starting this would take work. I think I even knew it would take a lot of work. But as I dig into the Articles of Incorporation, tax-exempt status and business licenses, I realize that I need to be more organized at getting all this done. I have 18 windows open right now and can’t remember where I started. But it’s an exciting process and I can’t wait to take the next step.

Coming Soon

We scouted for a location today for our first play which will open in Sept. We started in one direction but ended up on the other side of the river, in a spot that will work beautifully if the city allows it. Next, we announced auditions to a small group of women. In the next 8 weeks, we have to audition, rehearse, incorporate, apply for tax exemption and secure our location. Not to mention the crowd funding campaign that should start in about a week. Whew! But it’s all accomplishable…and mind boggling!


If you’d like to see the baby steps of this new company, visit us on the web, Facebook , Twitter and Instagram. We’ll be posting updates there (and I’ll be keeping you all up to date here.)
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Thank you for reading!


18 thoughts on “The Next Adventure Begins

  1. What an exciting venture for you!! And, yes, there are always unexpected tasks that pop up along they way. The prep work that you’ve done will help these be little blips along the way rather than game stoppers. Glad to see your dream is becoming reality.


  2. What an exciting adventure you are on Lori Ann. Sounds like you are learning all the pieces that will make any other projects easier in the future. Good luck with the new company and I am looking forward to hearing about how it all goes. Cheers, Ian


  3. Setting up a company on your own with a purpose is a journey in itself Lori Ann and I am looking forward to reading more about your progress. The idea of having 18 windows is quite apt and a checklist would help, which your lawyer or even a Google search for your State can provide to make sure that each step is completed.

    I’m in the process of organizing my Mom’s next exhibition and find maintaining a brain dump of tasks helps. Nothing better than being able to put a tick mark off each step or action as it is completed. Good luck with the new company and the wonderful work that you will be creating!


  4. How exciting Lori Anne! What an amazing undertaking with all the details you talk about getting in place, however, it sounds like it is a passion you have been nurturing and now it is coming into fruition. There will always be unexpected things that show up to be addressed, however, sounds like you are well on your way. Wishing you the perfect location and look forward to hearing when your official opening is just around the corner! Here’s to enormous success for the Wildflower Women’s Ensemble!


    • Thank you, Beverly! I can’t believe it’s coming around…it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time – start my own theatre – but was always too big a task. This is a smaller project and much more aligned with my passions, therefore it seems easier.


  5. New startups are always exciting and challenging & the process keeps getting refined. I recently read an account of someone who also tackled something new & to avoid being overwhelmed, she worked backwards in her planning. Maybe that will help. Hope you have a collaborative team & I look forward to seeing/reading more about your endeavor.


  6. I’m so happy for you Lori Anne! Getting started and building the foundation can be big undertaking. Hang in there and your hard work willI definitely pay off! I can hear your passion and excitement and I wish you the best!


  7. Wow, I can feel your excitement! Although starting up can be a bit tough and there are many things to be done, we can’t forget to enjoy the process, every single small steps! Thank you for sharing Lori Ann!


  8. LoriAnn, this is great news!! Congratulations on making your dream a reality. Taking small steps forward will assure your success. I hope you enjoy every second of building this new dream. I’m very excited for you!


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