Refreshed and Rested and Ready to Go


There is nothing like an actual vacation where you get to have a nice balance between doing things and doing nothing. Our vacations are often filled with activities – family, adventures, traveling – and do not often leave time for relaxing or chilling. We had one of those early in the summer and it was fun, albeit exhausting in it’s own way. I wrote about the Tools I use for travel planning and how they helped me get my head around a 12 day vacation. I haven’t had a trip of longer than 8 days with my husband since our honeymoon. I have traveled for longer solo, but that is a different beast.


We chose a cruise to Alaska with a few days before to explore the Pacific Northwest. We were originally going to spend a night in Port Angeles, Washington (for the lavender), two nights in Victoria, BC (for the tea and gardens), and one night in Seattle (for the coffee.) Family requirements, however, surfaced that caused us to change our plans and head to Portland before the cruise. No worries, we rented a car and drove from Seattle to Portland as it was much too expensive to change our flight, not to mention we’d have to fly to Seattle in order to fly to Portland on our airline anyway. The family portion went well – rose garden, Japanese garden, birthday party..until the day after we left when they lost their beloved dog. He led a good life, was a sweet soul and will be terribly missed.


By the time we got back to Seattle, we were ready for some chill time. Enter the Starbucks Roastery. On Sunday morning, before we boarded the Ruby Princess, we went to the Roastery. It’s like Willy Wonka’s factory for coffee and tea lovers! They roast the reserve batches right there…best coffee I’ve had in a long time. That started off a lovely trip that just ended two days ago. It’s bizarre to be on board a vessel so near to the United States yet have no cell service and to have to pay for internet (hence the hiatus for two weeks.) Also, I enjoyed not having requirements on my except what to wear to dinner and the few shore excursions. We read, watched lots of The Love Boat…it was a Princess cruise after all, ate amazing food and truly, really and truly relaxed. So much so it’s taken me two days to get back into the swing of the real world.


The world goes on. For us, it paused while we were on board. But, no, it didn’t really…it went on. Blogs were posted, comments made, lunches consumed, lives changed, and so on…all while I rested. And now, I’m back. I’m ready to go and ready to make some sweet strides in the name of growing a business and welcoming in opportunity and abundance.


Just got word that the performance space for the Wildflower Ensemble has been approved! It’s happening! I’ll keep you posted.

When was your last vacation where you really got to do what you wanted, when you wanted and could take a nap if you felt like it? Thank you for sharing your thoughts.